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Cake Batter & Co is a subsidiary of Basket Treats by Alexis Streets, LLC - a dessert chain of restaurants specializing in all things sweet and event design. Cake Batter & Co opened after the 2020 pandemic as an effort to bring a sweet treats to more neighborhoods in Prince George's County. As a "Create Your Own" dessert bar, it is the first of it's kind in the area allowing customers the opportunity to not just get dessert, but very delicious dessert's customized to one's liking.


The Founder is Celebrity dessert stylist Alexis Streets.  Alexis launched her first dessert line, Basket Treats, in 2009 with a focus on gourmet dessert baskets. She has had a love for both baking and interior design for as long as she can remember, but really grew into it in her early stages of motherhood when her love to give people joy and celebrate life expanded.

Deciding to strengthen her presence in the events industry, Alexis rebranded Basket Treats as a full service event provider, opened The Dessert Junkie, and launched Bougie Balloons to tap into the newly emerging trend of dramatic balloon displays.  

Always in creative mode, today you can find Alexis creating new recipes, thinking of the next venture or directing staff at the latest event.  And with Cake Batter & Co now a part of the mix, it will be a treat of a powerhouse in the world of desserts in Maryland and beyond.


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